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Gifts around the black truffle, a gift idea to sublimate your taste buds and those of your loved ones.


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Tuber melanosporum, black truffle or black Périgord truffle

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Truffle aperitif box

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The aperitif box with truffle pâté and truffle butter, exceptional products for a festive aperitif

How to organize an exceptional aperitif for gourmets? What gift to give to a friend or an important client of your company? Discover the luxurious aperitif box. This gift box is made up of two high quality local products: truffle pâté and truffle butter.

composition of the box:

- 1 Pâté truffled with 180G - composition: pork, pork liver, eggs, black truffle (3%), salt.
- 1 Truffle butter 40G - composition: clarified butter, black truffle (3%), salt. (sterilized jar, keep cool at 8 ° only after opening and consume quickly).

ATTENTION, concerning the jars, the brand and the shape may be different from the photos, depending on the availability of the suppliers, but the content and the weight do not change)

The truffle is a festive product, which holds pride of place on the menu of the great starred tables. Truffle-based preparations are therefore top-of-the-range culinary preparations but they are also tasty culinary preparations, which release a delicate note of hazelnut and undergrowth. In the aperitif box, two products have been selected with great care by our truffle experts, for their taste quality: the truffle pâté and the truffle butter.

The truffle pâté is a delicate marriage of traditional country pâté and truffle. For an unforgettable aperitif, the truffle pâté can be enjoyed on toast, on country bread etc. As for the truffled butter, it will pleasantly surprise the taste buds, including the most delicate. Indeed, the butter will sublimate the taste of the truffle, because the truffle with its notes both subtle and complex needs to be accompanied by simple preparations. The truffle butter from our regions can be eaten alone on toast or with a gourmet product, such as country ham. Truffle butter can also be used to enhance a hot dish. How not to fall for scallops just seared with a touch of truffled butter?

The truffle pâté and truffle butter aperitif box is a gift idea, with which you are sure to please a lover of high French gastronomy. Indeed, these two products are exceptional dishes of artisanal quality.

- 180G truffle pâté - composition: pork meat, pork liver, eggs, black truffle (3%), salt.
- Truffle butter 40G - composition: butter, black truffle (3%), salt. (sterilized jar, keep cool at 8 ° only after opening and consume quickly).

CAUTION: depending on the availability of our suppliers, the brands of the jars (and therefore the shape) may be different than on the photos, but the content and the weight of the content remain the same.

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Black Périgord truffles (tuber melanosporum) are products with exceptional flavors. The period is short for fresh truffles do not hesitate to reserve, there will not be something for everyone ...

Discover our boxes for VIPs based on black truffles. Small quantity artisanal products.

You like to please your family, your friends by offering them delicate dishes. You like to enhance your dishes with exceptional products. So, quickly discover these fabulous products.
In addition, Truffle butter contains real black truffles also called Tuber Mélanosporum.

Specialists love these truffles, they give off a subtle taste of hazelnut, musk and undergrowth. They will awaken your taste buds. The quality butter contains 3% black truffles and no coloring!

Fancy a VIP evening: In the aperitif box, we have selected two products with great care by our truffle experts, for their taste quality: the truffle pâté and the truffle butter.

In addition, you should know that the production of black truffles ( tuber melanosporum ) is not an exact science and from year to year the returns are far from the same.

Therefore, most of the products are made with black truffles from the Périgord region (tuber melanosporum), but depending on the years and quantities harvested, we vigorously select black truffles ( tuber melanosporum ), from another region to compose our products.