Discover, offer and taste black truffles from Périgord with a unique flavor

La black Périgord truffle is a dish of exceptional flavors, with a texture that is exquisite. She is unique in its taste and producers are rare. This makes her an ideal gift for the Christmas holidays. 

A black truffle, the Tuber Melanosporum known as the Périgord Black Truffle 

For us, this particular fungus is a family story that begins with our grandfather. His name was Albert Rouland, born July 3, 1903 in a village called Condat sur Vézère, in the south of France, in the current Dordogne department. At that time, the agglomeration was part of a county called the Périgord. It is this locality, with a biotope and a unique microclimate that gave the name to our special truffle. 

My grandfather's first truffle oaks

My grandfather lived through both World Wars. With his age he did not participate actively in the first conflict, on the other hand he was at the front during the conflict of 39-45. He even spent some time as a prisoner in Germany, on a farm. Its history with the scams begins at the end of the war, when he returns to his Périgord native and buy his first plots of land. His luck was that there were already wild truffle oaks. It is only near the roots of this tree that grows the underground mushroom dark brown in color that we call black Périgord truffle. The scientific name is Tuber Melanosporum. 

A tradition passed down from generation to generation

Albert Rouland was very lucky with the geographical location of its land. The latter was crossed by a stream that never dries up, even during the driest periods! Water flows through it 365 days a year, which is very beneficial for the vegetation that surrounds it. The oaks that grow there benefit a supply of nutrients and moisture if needed. At the beginning of winter, my grandfather harvested the truffes thanks to a fly harvest (see video below), for its own consumption. He passed this tradition on to our parents, who later also initiated their children: my brother and myself. 

The three products we have developed: 

Today, the family land is 26 hectares. Since 2012, the two of us, the third generation, have decided to plant a few more oaks each year. We decided to introduce the world to the exceptional and unique flavors that our grandfather left us as an inheritance. Bon vivant, he would have been proud to show you his terroir and share these flavors with you: For this, we have developed 4 flagship products:

ï The gift box (for the pleasure of giving)

ï The “discovery” box (mix of gift boxes and “old el Paso” boxes (ready-to-eat kitchen product kits) for a VIP party  for 2, 4 or 6 people, preparation recipes included)

ï And the “gourmet” plate (aperitif box)

ï Olive oil biological black with natural aromas of black truffles (PDO oil from the Vallée des Beaux de Provence) 


Above, at the top, the photo of my grandfather and myself in 1974 in the truffle trees.

Below, a video of my mom while searching for fly truffles. You could also see the famous spring, which allows us to water our truffles even today.