Black truffle butter

Black truffle butter is a product with exceptional flavors.

But, it's fun at an affordable price. Hurry and order it to enhance your culinary preparations!

You like to please your family, your friends by offering them delicate dishes. You like to enhance your dishes with exceptional products. So, quickly discover this fabulous product.
The truffle butter contains real black truffles also called Tuber Mélanosporum.

These truffles are highly prized by specialists because they give off a subtle taste of hazelnut, musk and undergrowth. They will awaken your taste buds. The quality butter contains 3% black truffles and no coloring!

This butter is renowned for its sweet taste,

The truffled butter will pleasantly surprise the taste buds, including the most delicate. Indeed, the butter sublimates the taste of the truffle, because the truffle with its both subtle and complex notes needs to be accompanied by simple preparations.

The black truffle butter will delicately flavor and add smoothness to everyday dishes or to holiday dishes, to hot or cold dishes:
On grilled meat, like maitre d 'butter,
With simply steamed potatoes,
In a risotto,
Spread on good bread as an accompaniment to oysters
For some tagliatelle with truffle butter, a delicious and unmissable dish.

A succulent artisanal product, affordable and perfect to wow your guests ...

Black truffle butter