Organic olive oil with black truffle

Black truffle organic olive oil (250 ml bottle), an explosion of flavors.

Especially, if you like exceptional products, which reflect the terroir and tradition. You will be won over by organic olive oil at natural aroma of black truffle, an artisanal oil concocted in the region of Beaux-de-Provence.

Olive oil is made from organic black olives picked when ripe. These olives have not undergone any chemical treatment. Black olives give off subtle notes of cocoa and undergrowth.

Likewise, these aromas of black olives subtly enhance the intense and typical aromas of the truffle. It's an explosion of flavors for your palate!

The truffle is a festive product, which has pride of place on the menu of the great starred restaurants.

Consequently, truffle-based preparations are therefore top-of-the-range culinary preparations.

How to use organic olive oil with the natural aroma of black truffle?

For example, truffle-flavored olive oil will enhance the simplest dishes, hot or cold dishes, and enhance refined dishes. All culinary combinations are possible.

In addition, your family and guests will be pleasantly surprised by the good taste of your preparations. It is a real pleasure for experienced cooks or for occasional cooks.

In short, here are some examples of the use of black truffle flavored olive oil:

A mashed potato,
A risotto,
An omelet,
A chestnut soup

In conclusion, the 250 ml bottle of organic olive oil with the natural aroma of black truffle is perfect to impress those around you, and certainly, a good gift idea for a gourmet.

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